sábado, 25 de abril de 2009

NEWS - David Gilmour's Track on McKinnon CD

David Gilmour's song, along with other undisclosed songs, will be released on a CD next month to raise awareness for Gary McKinnon who is fighting extradition to the USA. An extradition request has been filed by the US Government after McKinnon hacked into the US Military's computer network.

McKinnon's mother said, "We've known Joe, Dave Gilmour's brother-in-law, since Gary was a child and Joe knows Gary is a good person," she writes. "Joe told David Gilmour and his sister Polly (Polly is David Gilmour's wife) and Dave immediately offered and emailed me to say he is happy to sing on our 'Sing In' recording/cd for Gary.".

Fonte: Neptune Pink Floyd

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