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ROIO - Syd Barrett Last Gig

Syd Barrett
June 6, 1970 - Olympia Exhibition Hall, London, England

1. Terrapin
2. Gigolo Aunt
3. Effervescing Elephant
4. Octopus

Syd Barrett - guitar, vocals
David Gilmour - bass
Jerry Shirley - drums

According to , Barrett "abruptly took off his
guitar during the fourth number and walked off stage".

These tracks are taken from the 6 CD set titled "Beyond Rhyme Nor Reason". They are tracks
21-24 on Disc 4 of that set. The only change I made to the FLAC files was to renumber them 01-04.

Download File 1
Download File 2

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Mais um Prêmio..
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